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If you’ve ever entered a casino 4d lottery before, then you would’ve probably come across the lavishness of the place that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. You enter a 711kelab casino malaysia with wallets filled with cash and a dream to become rich overnight or have a cocktail or two and make some joyful memories. But, in the meantime, you lose track of time and sit there losing money fist overhand. Have you ever wondered why this happens to almost everyone who enters the ambience? We’ll tell you why! This is because every aspect of the casino – from the ceiling to the carpet and everything in between is designed to thwart the common sense and trick the visitors into losing more money. Here are a few ways casinos do the tricks:

No clocks on the walls

You’ll be in a hurry to leave if you’re tracking time, and most times when you’re busy playing the games, you forget to look at the time. Casinos are in line with you on this. Hence they have no clocks or watches in the ambience, to help you lose track of time.

Playing with chips instead of real money.

Especially in games like blackjack or poker, the casino tricks you into losing more money, by playing with colourful chips, that doesn’t sting you as much as losing real money.

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Free Alcohol

There is a continuous supply of free alcohol at your table or wherever you are in the ambience. This is the best way to cloud one’s judgment and decision-making abilities. Apart from tipping the waitresses, you do not have to pay for the alcohol. This trick works every time in their favour.

Designed to be Labyrinthine

All casinos around the world are designed in an intricate maze-like pattern, instead of a straight isle. This is done on purpose to catch your attention on various other games when you’re trying to figure your way out.

Free accommodation

Free accommodation

For those players who’ve already spent a fortune on the games, they even offer free accommodation and dinner. This means you don’t have to leave the ambience even for basic amenities like food and sleep. Hence you can spend more time gambling away your money.

Loyalty clubs

Casinos offer complimentary or their amenities that shows a gesture of returning their loyalty for spending enough time and money at their ambience. This builds trust among the visitors, which forces them to return to the place often.


The lighting in the ambience is usually warm and welcoming, and they make you feel at home. Bright lights around the machines and tables, surrounded by dim, warm lights at the background tend to attract the visitors, without drifting their attention elsewhere.



Despite the tremendous growth of the online casinos, the land-based ones are still growing in business. It is a major source of entertainment revenue in most countries. These subtle tricks played by the casinos on the visitors, have got them hooked to the land-based casinos, thereby increasing their revenue. Although it is fun and games, in the beginning,  you ought to be aware of the tricks.


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